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Sydney Ancients Hoplite & Roman Society

Sydney Ancients are a re-enactment group of the ancient world.  Our current focuses are Classical Greece, Early Republican Rome and 1st Century Imperial Rome.  The group interest covers all facets of ancient life including military and civilian activities.


Drill Training and casual discussions are usually held on the 1st Saturday of each month at Paramatta park (next to the Rose Garden near main enterance).  Official start time is 1:00pm, but usually most members arrive between 12:30-1:00pm.

Advisable to bring water to drink and food for refreshment.

If training is cancelled due to wet weather it will usually be reschedule for the following week and be noted in the calendar below. 

For wet weather cancellations a decision will be made by the Friday night prior to training.  An email will be sent to members and the website updated.  If in doubt email no later than 10am on the day.

Please note that dates & theme are subject to change so check the calendar for updates.


2017 (Tentative dates, times & themes to be confirmed)

  • 15 January Sunday - Trip to Canberra to see "History of the world in 100 Objects" at the National Museum of Australia (meet at enterance at 10:30am) - contact Mark for details
  • 28 January - Annual Recline & Dine dinner. Location Richmond NSW Start 5pm (come ealier if you'd like to do a small working bee) - contact Mark for details
  • 4 February Greek & Macedonian Drill
  • 5 March Roman Drill 
  • 18-19 March (proposed date) - Roman Military Camp Bungonia NSW. Those who don't want to camp over night should visit on the Saturday - contact Mark for details
  • 1 April - Greek & Macedonian Drill 
  • 14-17 April (Easter) For information purposes only - Living History Conference Tarago NSW (approx 2.5hrs south Sydney) details to come. 
  • 6 May Roman Drill
  • 3 June Greek & Macedonian Drill
  • 1 July Roman Drill
  • 5 August Greek & Macedonian Drill
  • 2 September Roman Drill & Gladiator training
  • 14 October (note one week later due to long weekend - may be cancelled and rolled into the Poppean the next weekend) Greek Drill
  • 21-22 October Proposed date for Poppean Greek Games Festival camping weekend Bungonia NSW (details to be announced)
  • 4 November Roman Drill & Gladiator training
  • 2 December Greek Drill

2018 Dates (Tentative dates, times & themes to be confirmed)

  • 26 January (Australia Day long weekend) - Proposed Annual Recline & Dine dinner. Location Richmond NSW - contact Mark for details
  • 3 February Greek & Macedonian Drill
  • 3 March Roman Drill 

Last up dated 08 January 2017

Greek Hoplite Re-enactment

Roman Re-enactment


Greek and Roman cultures are portrayed between 500BC and 100AD.

Our members do Greek Hoplites in Phalanx and Light Infantry, as well as Roman Legionaries of the early Republic and Imperial eras.  We are a confederation of individuals that encourages all type of Re-enactment in the ancient world.  So if you are interested in  representing Hoplites, Alexander the Great, Roman Army or Phalanx warfare or just interested in re-enacting ancient life, we'd love to here from you.

The group does a range of activities from living history campsite to military drills and re enactment of the duties of Classical soldiers.  The group also conducts authentic athletics,cooking, games and cultural activities of the period 500BC to 100AD.

All activities are conducted with safety as the first priority. Many of the weapons are blunted for safety reasons. No participant is to conduct any activity that will endanger themself or any other person. While armed no person will consume or partake of performance altering substances.